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Sold outCitrine Natural Bracelet 🇲🇬
Blue Apatite Tower  🇲🇬
Blue Apatite Tower 🇲🇬 Sale price2,800KES
Sea Garden Gift CardSea Garden Gift Card
Sea Garden Gift Card Sale priceFrom 2,000KES
Rose Quartz Tower
Rose Quartz Tower Sale price2,800KES
African Goddess Rising Oracle
Lepidolite Tower
Lepidolite Tower Sale price2,800KES
Sold outRider Waite Tarot Cards
Rider Waite Tarot Cards Sale price3,500KES
Sold outMookaite Tower
Mookaite Tower Sale price2,800KES
Sold outFire Quartz TowerFire Quartz Tower
Fire Quartz Tower Sale price2,800KES
The Spirit Animal Oracle
The Spirit Animal Oracle Sale price3,900KES
Amber Teething Necklace Honey
Sold outMahogany Obsidian Palmstone
Mahogany Obsidian Palmstone Sale price2,800KES
Tigers Eye Tower
Tigers Eye Tower Sale price2,800KES
Sold outPrehnite Tower
Prehnite Tower Sale price2,800KES
Sold outLapis Lazuli Tower
Lapis Lazuli Tower Sale price2,800KES
Sold outChakra set
Chakra set Sale price4,000KES
Rose Oracle
Rose Oracle Sale price3,900KES
Light Seer's Tarot
Light Seer's Tarot Sale price4,200KES
Sold outKunzite Bracelet
Kunzite Bracelet Sale price3,000KES
Sold outFire Quartz Palmstone
Fire Quartz Palmstone Sale price2,800KES
Sodalite Tower 🇵🇰
Sodalite Tower 🇵🇰 Sale price2,800KES
Green Aventurine Tower
Green Aventurine Tower Sale price2,800KES
Sold outThe Modern Witch Tarot Deck
The Modern Witch Tarot Deck Sale price3,500KES
Work Your Light Oracle Cards
Work Your Light Oracle Cards Sale price3,900KES
Rose Quartz Puffy Heart
Rose Quartz Puffy Heart Sale price2,600KES
Rose Quartz Palmstone
Rose Quartz Palmstone Sale price2,800KES
Howlite Palmstone
Howlite Palmstone Sale price2,800KES
Sold outCarnelian Palmstone  🇲🇬
Carnelian Palmstone 🇲🇬 Sale price2,900KES
Sold outAmethyst Chevron Tower
Amethyst Chevron Tower Sale price2,800KES
Kali Oracle
Kali Oracle Sale price4,200KES
Sold outGoddesses, Gods and Guardians Oracle
Moonology Oracle Cards
Moonology Oracle Cards Sale price3,900KES
The Starseed Oracle Deck from Rebecca Campbell
Sold outSodalite Palmstone 🇵🇰
Sodalite Palmstone 🇵🇰 Sale price2,800KES
Sold outAmber Teething Necklace Cognac
Red Jasper Palmstone
Red Jasper Palmstone Sale price2,800KES
Sold outRainbow Fluorite Palmstone
Rainbow Fluorite Palmstone Sale price2,800KES
Sold outMookaite Palmstone
Mookaite Palmstone Sale price2,800KES
Red Jasper Tower
Red Jasper Tower Sale price2,800KES
Sold outAngelite Tower 🇵🇪
Angelite Tower 🇵🇪 Sale price2,800KES
Sold outClear Quartz Point Large
Clear Quartz Point Large Sale price3,000KES
The Oracle of the Fairies
The Oracle of the Fairies Sale price3,900KES
Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards
Save 200KESMalachite Tower
Malachite Tower Sale price3,100KES Regular price3,300KES
Rose Quartz Cut Base Tower
Rose Quartz Cut Base Tower Sale price3,900KES
Sold outSmokey Quartz TowerSmokey Quartz Tower
Smokey Quartz Tower Sale price2,700KES
Sold outBlue Aragonite Palmstone Matte
Polychrome Palmstone
Polychrome Palmstone Sale price2,800KES