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Chakra set

Sale price4,000KES

The Chakra set includes one piece of each of these crystals:

Red Jasper
Relaxation   Contentment  Compassion  Nurturing Consolation  Tranquility   Healing  Completion

Emotional warmth • Sociability • Creativity • Individuality • Memory • Appreciation of nature • Harmony • Courage • Happiness • Self-esteem • Rebirth • Reincarnation • Past life recall

Happiness  Prosperity  Generosity  Creativity  Pleasure • Protection  Strength  Alignment  Confidence  Stability  Moderation  Energy  Comfort  Success • Truth • Goodness  Warmth  Digestion  Assimilation  Enjoyment of life • Spiritual growth

Green Aventurine 
Creativity  Imagination  Independence  Prosperity  Calmness • Career success  Balance   Heals circulation  Heals congestion

Strengthens organs • For creative people • Inner guidance • Converts fear into faith • Astral travel

Sunset Sodalite
Logic • Intelligence • Emotional balance • Intuition • Clarity • Truth • Perception

Chevron Amethyst
Increases nobility  Spiritual awareness  Psychic abilities  Inner peace and healing  Healing of body, mind & soul  Positive transformation  Meditation  Balance  Relieves stress  Communication   

Selenite Mini Tower
Serenity  Purification  Peace  Meditation  Universal consciousness  Clarity of thought  Purity of heart  Universal love  Integrity  Spirituality  Psychic development  Forgiveness  Positive thoughts





Chakra set
Chakra set Sale price4,000KES