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Wooden Incense Holder

Sale price500KES

Mango wood Brass inlay-ed Patterned Wooden Ski Incense Stick Ash catcher

This Ash catcher Can be used with most incense sticks.

This Listing is for 1 x Patterned Wooden Incense stick Ash catcher only.


Clean after every use , as hot ash may cause damage or burning of the catcher.

These Ash catchers are stained to protect the wood, and may have some staining on the brass decorative inlays. Each Holder is handmade and carved.

*Never leave a lit incense alone whilst burning.
*Insure you Use incense in a well ventilated area.
*Please use the appropriate incense holders.
*Do not use on exposed surfaces as may cause Ash burns and staining
*Clean incense holders regularly,
*Keep away from children.
*Please do not burn incense if pregnant or have breathing problems.
*Please Use incense moderalty. - To much incense smoke may cause coughing, breathing difficulty or may trigger Migraines.

Wooden Incense Holder
Wooden Incense Holder Sale price500KES