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Sardonyx Shiva Eye

Sale price1,500KES

This listing is for ONE Sardonyx Shiva Eye intuitively chosen by me.


You’re looking at some of my favorite magical/ceremonial objects in the world – sacred Shiva’s Eyes are expertly carved talismans from natural sardonyx. Carved by our fair trade partners in India from locally sourced Sardonyx (Agate), each piece has a perfect “eye” in the central peak, with a flat bottom.

In Hinduism, lord Shiva is always depicted with a third eye, in which he’s able to see all dimensions simultaneously. Metaphysically, Shiva’s eye talismans are grounding and protective. The eyes “watch” out for us, particularly when placed around the home. They’re powerful channeling energy, helping us tap into our own third eye, see with clearer psychic vision and discernment. Put yours in places of honor in the home, especially near the front door where it can watch and filter the energy of those who enter your home or space. This sacred symbol also channels the energy of harmonious love and romantic unions, promoting fertility (not just physical fertility, but that of ideas, projects, and completion of goals) as well as assisting you manifest prosperity, abundance, good luck and fortune.

Sardonyx Shiva Eye
Sardonyx Shiva Eye Sale price1,500KES