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Sardonyx Palmstone ūüá≤ūüá¨

Sale price2,400KES

This listing is for ONE Sardonyx Palmstone intuitively chosen by me.

Sardonyx Associations

Chakras - Base Chakra
Birthstone - August
Zodiac - Aries, Leo
Numerical Vibration - Number 3
Typical colours - black, red, brown, clear

Healing with Sardonyx

‚ô• Luck ‚ô• Friendship ‚ô• Happiness ‚ô• Good fortune ‚ô• Romance ‚ô• Marriage ‚ô• Stamina ‚ô• Vigour ‚ô• Energy ‚ô• Creativity

Sardonyx is a stone of protection and strength.  It promotes virtuous conduct and integrity.  Sardonyx attracts friends and good fortune.  It brings lasting happiness and stability to partnerships.  Supplements willpower and strengthens character.  Sardonyx increases stamina, vigour and self-control.  It alleviates depression and overcomes hesitancy.  Improves perception.

Sardonyx heals lungs and bones.  It regulates fluids and cell metabolism, strengthens the immune system.


PLEASE NOTE: These are wonderful, Mother Nature made creations, and they are perfectly imperfect. There may be minor surface flaws or inclusions that do not detract from their beauty ‚Äď or their healing power. Their undeniable beauty comes from their individual uniqueness. Remember they were formed under extreme Earth events, and are thousands to millions of years in the making.

Sardonyx Palmstone  ūüá≤ūüá¨
Sardonyx Palmstone ūüá≤ūüᨠSale price2,400KES