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Red Jasper with Hematite

Sale price1,000KES

Size average 1-1.25 inches.

This combination forms a powerful root chakra stone. Hematite serves to absorb negative energy, and calms you in times of stress and worry. It is highly protective and grounding. It bolsters self confidence and willpower, and is considered the symbol of life energy. It boosts self esteem, and deflects negativity. It helps to restore equilibrium, providing additional stability and provides astral protection. Jaspers frequency is slow and constant and aligns to the electromagnetic energies of the planet. It allows you to feel centered and present in the physical body and conscious of Nature and your surroundings. This helps rekindle the spiritual connection we share with all living things.

PLEASE NOTE: These are wonderful, Mother Nature made creations, and they are perfectly imperfect. There may be minor surface flaws or inclusions that do not detract from their beauty – or their power. Their undeniable beauty comes from their individual uniqueness. They were formed under extreme Earth events, and are thousands to millions of years in the making. They stand as testimony to all of the events that contributed to their formation and serve as small reminders of Earth’s amazing history.

Red Jasper with Hematite
Red Jasper with Hematite Sale price1,000KES