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Mother of Pearl and Brass Earrings

Sale price9,500KES

Powerful Mother of Pearl Rainbow Egyptian Scarab Earrings.
Handmade by a skilled balinese Artisan Jeweler in a small village north of Ubud, the Healing Village

The scarab has been deified during Ancient Egypt. Its shape was related to the god Jepri in the graphic representation (human body and scarab face). However, normally, people referred to the scarab as Ra, the creator of the universe, one of the most important gods in the Egyptian pantheon.

The reason that the scarab is so often depicted in everything from hieroglyphs to jewelry, statues, and engravings is due to the popular belief that it was an amulet of protection against disease and death.

It was also interpreted as a symbol of resurrection. Not only did it protect those who wore it as an amulet while alive from illness, but when placed next to the dead it meant that they could be resurrected and thus attain eternal life.

Even today it is still believed that the scarab functions as a good luck charm. In many markets in Egypt, you can buy small scarabs carved from lapis lazuli or other stones (usually bluish), which are sold to hang around your neck or carry in your wallet.

Mother of Pearl and Brass Earrings
Mother of Pearl and Brass Earrings Sale price9,500KES