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Lavender Jade Tumble

Sale price1,000KES

This listing is for ONE Lavender Jade Tumble intuitively chosen by me.

Tanzanite Associations

Chakras - Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra
Birthstone - December
Zodiac -  Libra
Vibration - Number 2
Typical colours - Purple-violet

Healing with Lavender Jade

♥ Balance ♥ Poise and harmony ♥ Helps us to slow down ♥ Calming ♥ Live in the now ♥ Be unique

Lavender Jade has a gentle energy that will soothe, heal, and balance. It will also bring inner peace and harmony in your heart and in your relationships. It's a stone that will put you in touch with your emotions. It will encourage you to remain calm and be moderate when dealing with emotional matters.
It will also make you feel valued and looked after even when you’re far away from the loving presence of your friends and family.
Lavender Jade is an excellent stone that will help you dispel your feelings of sadness, grief, worry, or guilt. It will also uplift your spirits and give you an attitude of a winner!The healing energies of Lavender Jade are also beneficial when you want to remove your excessive desire to fit the norm.
This stone will make you realize that being a different person in order to be liked will not work in the long run.Trying to please everyone will be detrimental to your health.
This stone will make you brave enough to create change, and to embrace the things about yourself that you can no longer change!
Lavender Jade will inspire you to start living in the present and to stop focusing on the past. It will also encourage you to look forward to the future.
This stone will help you quit your follow-the-leader attitude and make you think and act independently. It will help you release your compulsive desires to give in to the popular opinion.
Lavender Jade is also an excellent professional support stone. It will help you make the best decisions when it comes to your career, especially when you find yourself at a crossroads.
It’s especially beneficial to healers, nurses, doctors, or veterinarians, as well as to educators.
It will help you make accurate and practical diagnoses, and it will aid you in imparting knowledge that will help shape young minds.
With the guidance of Lavender Jade, you will be able to overcome your struggles and remain unruffled by setbacks.
You will also realize that they are a part of life, and they are what make life interesting.
The lavender rays of Lavender Jade carry the energies of destiny, dreams, magic, and inspiration.
When you work with the energies of this stone, your life will be filled with magic and wonder!

Lavender Jade Tumble
Lavender Jade Tumble Sale price1,000KES