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Kunzite Pendant

Sale price3,000KES

1 Pendant not sterling Silver

Kunzite Associations

Chakras - Heart Chakra
Zodiac - Taurus, Libra
Planet - Venus
Element - Earth, Water
Vibration - Number 7
Typical colours - Pink

Healing with Kunzite

 Unconditional love  Self-love  Mothering love   Caring  Kindness  Friendship  Romantic love  Platonic love

Kunzite is doused in feminine energy and so many high vibrations it positively hums. It’s a stone known for being incredibly effective at clearing emotional blockages, especially when it comes to the heart. Anyone who is struggling to adjust to changes in life or those who are suffering the blow of a new separation or any situation that has caused them to become stuck in low vibrations, by calling on the power of the Kunzite Stone you can clear those traumas away and make space for inner peace, self-love, health, and harmony to shine.

Physical Healing Properties

Being a heart connector stone it comes as no surprise that Kunzite shines a light on all heart and circulatory matters. As a body healer, Kunzite works her magic on the whole circulatory system, keeping the breath in beautiful flow and ensuring the heart muscles are warm and strong. Along with uplifting the heart, Kunzite is also a great stone to have on side for those who are going through puberty. Thanks to those strong feminine vibes, this stone helps with symptoms of PMS and reduces reproductive centric problems. Kunzite also brings its soft and healing vibes to help ease migraines and recover from the signs of physical stress.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

Bringing the cool soothing touch to hot heads and high emotions is what Kunzite does best. For those who tend to go into emotional shutdown mode, Kunzite is here to tempt you back out of your shell. The gentle energy is ripe with unconditional love and lashings of self-compassion. If you struggle with nurturing deep connections, if you feel that your trust is shot and your heart locked away in a tightly bound box, then let the high vibrations of Kunzite seep right in and peel that box right open. Pale pink and as sweet as can be, Kunzite inspires tolerance, willingness, being receptive to all the opportunities that come your way, garnering higher levels of empathy, and feeling free and easy in your expression. It does all this without letting you lose respect for your boundaries. Kunzite understands that while boundaries are important, they shouldn’t be hemming you in.

Metaphysical Properties

Kunzite is an incredible cleanser of negative energy. It swoops right in and cleans house, ensuring that the cobwebs of mistrust and bad memories are swept away and you are left with a space that you feel is safe and sound for nurturing your own emotional and spiritual growth. Unsurprisingly, Kunzite is a heart chakra connector. Our heart chakra is the place of our trust and love and our ability to give and to be open to receiving in this world. When our heart chakrais blocked it can make us emotionally unavailable and locked down. If we can remove that block then beautiful energy can flow and we can give and take love freely without the risk of becoming stuck in negative repercussions.

Kunzite also connects to the crown chakra, our gateway to the higher plains of the universe and our source of spirituality. When our heart and crown chakras are open, we prime ourselves into becoming a ripe vessel for all the magic, divine light, and guidance the world has to bestow upon us.