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Isis Orange Calcite Pendant Brass

Sale price24,000KES

Stunningly designed, handsourced, handcrafted and activated Orange Calcite Crystal and Gold Isis Talisman Crystal Pendant; designed by Nicole Seeger and handcrafted by a talented Balinese artisan stone cutter and jeweler.

Orange calcite is linked with the self-confidence, hope, and solar plexus. It is thought to be efficient in clearing out the old energy patterns, as well as increasing the personal drive and motivation. This stone is also thought as a mind stone, as it helps in heightening mental analysis and discernment, increase the memory, as well as the capacity to learn efficiently and quickly. It is also great to possess on the desk throughout a test, revision, etc. In fact, this is tone is thus far the best stone for students. 

Isis, the winged goddess of healing and magic: the ancient Egyptians called her Aset.
As the protector of women and bringer of magic, the queen of the universe and the embodiment of cosmic order, Isis or Aset was
and is one of the most powerful and important deities.
A beautiful and unique gift

  • Materials: Brass, Leather, Stone
  • Stone: Orange Calcite
  • Pendant width: 2.5 Inches; Pendant height: 4 Inches; Necklace length: 26 Inches