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Himalayan Salt Lamp 6-8kg

Sale price21,000KES

A 6-8kg salt lamp.

While regular table salt does not reflect color, Himalayan salt casts a pink hue. Himalayan salts originated from the Himalayas in Pakistan, and comprise 98% sodium chloride along with trace minerals, such as zinc, potassium, and magnesium. These trace minerals in the salt give it a pinkish, and sometimes, an orange-pink tone.

The natural and soothing lamps provide a subdued glow and help allergy sufferers or anyone else who wants to feel refreshed.

Himalayan salt lamp benefits are varied, as the salt of the lamp can be used to reduce the bacteria and mold in the air or eliminate insomnia. Not only do the lamps make great night lights, they neutralize the impact of the use of electronics.


Also, keep in mind, that genuine Himalayan salt lamps are priced higher. This higher price tag will provide the following Himalayan salt benefits.

  1. Improved Air Quality

Because of the lamp’s tendency to absorb moisture, it also absorbs annoying pollutants, or the contaminants that attach themselves to the water molecules. People breathe easier and suffer less from allergies, respiratory distress, and headaches.

  1. Better Moods

The lamps boost energy levels and produce better moods, they are particularly helpful for anyone experiencing seasonal affective disorder or SAD. The negative ions that are produced elevate the mood.

  1. Reduced Stress

Because the lamp imparts a relaxing glow, you will feel more restful and less anxious.

  1. Neutralization of Electronic Radiation

The glow of electronics can make people feel tense. However, when the Himalayan salt lamp is placed next to a TV or PC, the user feels more at peace.

  1. Reduced Static Electricity

Because the lamp’s negative ions neutralize electromagnetic radiation, they also work at reducing the amount of static electricity.


he size and shape of this product may vary.
100% natural Himalayan salt

H:32cm W:18cm D:18cm