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Dragon Oracle

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Carla Lee Morrow, also known as The Dragon Lady, partnered with Diana Cooper, who specializes in the spirit realms of other worlds, to create a four-dimensional deck that focuses on raising your ascension from the third dimension with the help of the Dragons. 

The fourth dimension is the dimension of time.

After the fourth dimension, the fifth and sixth dimensions focus on expanding your ability to experience alternate realities here on earth and expanded love with others.

The seventh dimension includes the awareness of galaxies and their energy, and the ninth helps you experience source, alpha, and omega dimensions. 

Experiencing other dimensions increases in your ability to become aware of other realities, universes, and quantum time-space possibilities, which ultimately opens your heart to love and timelessness. 

Many people experience alternate realities daily and have for a long time, and if that's you, or you'd like to add more dimensional thinking to your routine, this deck systematically takes you up through working with them.

Dragons are thought to guide us through the dimensions.

In this deck, there are 44 cards, with a guidebook and a box. The deck itself is broken out by dimensions.

There are:

  • 10 fourth dimensional cards

  • 19 fifth dimensional cards

  • 11 seventh dimensional cards

  • 4 ninth dimensional cards

The fourth-dimension cards focus on the four elements and their combinations. 

These are great for reading relationships, especially if you know both elements of each partner, you can use these cards to see what the combined relationship energy of a union will create. 

The fifth-dimension cards all focus on embodying higher love and helping others.

The seventh-dimensional cards are galaxy-focused and include the Dragons that represent different galaxies such as Andromeda. 

And finally, there are just 4 ninth-dimensional cards that focus on embodying source energy.

Dragon Oracle
Dragon Oracle Sale price3,900KES