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Ceremonial Chakra Kimonos

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Made in collaboration with Kimana Collective.

The idea behind them is to enhance our energy through colour therapy, which is a form therapy that uses colour to treat certain mental, physical and emotional conditions. It’s based on the theory that certain colours can impact people’s energies and therefore their health outcomes.


The use of color for healing — aka color therapy — dates back as at least 2,000 years to Ancient Greece, Egypt and China, where color and light in the form of sunlight, crystal reflections, paints and plants were utilized to improve people’s moods.


While more research is warranted to prove how well color therapy works for different applications, it’s thought to possibly help:

  • attention span, learning and academic performance
  • aggressive behavior
  • Blood pressure
  • breathing capabilities
  • athletic performance and recovery
  • Muscle relaxation
  • sleep quality, including by reducing insomnia and daytime lethargy
  • migraines and headaches
  • fibroid pain
  • vision problems
  • other impacts of stress 

What colors are healing, and which are stimulating?

Warm colors typically spark a variety of stimulating emotions, while cool colors tend to be calming. Neutral colors, such as white and beiges, also usually have relaxing effects.

Not all effects of colors are positive. For example, red can sometimes promote anger, while blue and black may promote sadness.

Color healing, which focuses on energy centers and other aspects of spirituality, is an important part of many practices of Eastern medicine. According to the AmeriDisability website, “healing colors can help to balance the bodies energy centers, also known chakras.”

Here are how different colors are thought to affect your mood and energy levels, according to theories on “chakra balancing” and color therapy:

  • Red = stimulating. Associated with the root chakra and spin. Considered grounding, instinctual, life-giving. Thought to promote stamina, passion and circulation.
  • Orange = enthusiasm. Associated with the pelvis chair and tied to optimism, pleasure, sexuality, excitement, happiness, energy.
  • Yellow =  happiness. Associated with the naval chakra and tied to hope, willpower, laughter, warmth, optimism, hunger.
  • Green = acceptance. Associated with the heart and tied to healing, balance, love, grounding, nature, growth, health, envy, calmness.
  • Blue = calmness. Associated with the throat chakra and tied to communication, knowledge, serenity, wisdom, loyalty, truth.
  • Indigo =  balance. Associated with the third eye chakra and clairvoyance, pain relief, prosperity, wisdom, royalty, mystery and respect.
  • Violet = knowledge. Associated with the crown chakra and imagination, spiritual awakening, calmness, serenity and creativity. Purple utilizes both red and blue to provide a nice balance between stimulation and serenity that is supposed to encourage creativity
Colour:Orange ~ Sacral Chakra
Ceremonial Chakra Kimonos
Ceremonial Chakra Kimonos Sale price5,000KES Regular price7,500KES