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Apache Obsidian Tumble

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This listing is for ONE Apache Obsidian Tumble intuitively chosen by me.

Apache Obsidian Bracelet 8mm

Obsidian Associations

Chakras - Base Chakra
Zodiac - Scorpio, Sagittarius
Element - Earth/Fire
Vibration - Number 3
Typical colours - Black


Healing with Apache Obsidian

♥ Purification ♥ Transformation ♥ Fulfilment ♥ Metamorphoses ♥ Manifestation ♥ Practicality ♥ Psychic ability

Apache Tears, also termed Obsidianite and Marekanite, is a rare black Obsidian variety that crystallized as small, indented stones. It was produced when water was absorbed during the cooling of silica-rich lava contained in the high-water-content mineral Perlite; volcanic glass is made when water is absorbed during the cooling of lava.

Black obsidian in Apache Tear is a milder version of black obsidian. It's perfect for kids and their more sensitive energies. Negative energy is absorbed, and your energy field is protected. It establishes a strong connection between your root chakra and Mother Earth, offering a steady, anchoring energy. When you need consolation or are mourning, this is an excellent stone to use. Apache tears are volcanic glass spirituals. This stone's energy inspires bravery in confronting danger and adopting a warrior's posture. It also serves as a protective and grounding link to your inner sources and guides.

Apache Tear is a powerful stone for transformation and progress. It aids forgiveness, spontaneity, and the dispelling of self-limiting ideas. It is beneficial to one's emotions and emotional equilibrium. It encourages you to cry in times of sadness, especially repressed tears, and it soothes grief. In addition to all of the characteristics often associated with Obsidian in all of its forms, Apache Tears have a particular affinity for the bereaved and grief-stricken. It also has a considerably milder vibration than other Black Obsidian varieties.

Apache Tears have a powerful emotional healing effect. These natural gems provide consolation and aid in grief healing. They do, however, have a friendlier vibe than some of the other forms of Obsidian, making you feel at ease with them. They are a form of Black Obsidian that has not been changed in any way. Maybe it's their odd out-of-shape look that comforts you when you're sad. They are powerful stones for anchoring and protection, as well as clearing unwanted emotions that may be preventing you from moving forward.


Apache Obsidian Tumble
Apache Obsidian Tumble Sale price600KES