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Article: An Interview with Marcella

An Interview with Marcella

An Interview with Marcella

The path to healing is through learning to love ourselves as we are.
This is the first of this series, a series where I interview my favourite healers. Healers who I have worked with personally and who I truly believe are transformative. 

The first healer in this series is Marcella, an absolutely incredible sound healer based in Lamu, Kenya.
You arrive by boat onto the lovely Manda island, you wank up the soft sand to Marcella's space. Just on the right she has an incredible wooded deck beneath a giant baobab. Whilst in a sound healing with Marcella, I was transported to a magical place of deep healing and restoration. 
I have been for a few sound baths and experienced gong therapy before, but to me nothing compares to this experience.

Before we start ~ I’d like to share my explanation of what I feel a healer is. 
Well I believe its vital for any healer to remember is that it is not our responsibility to heal people, in fact, we don't have the power to heal others. What we do have is the ability to inspire healing within another person. We can hold space and be a reflection of what is possible to those we work with. But, we cannot do it for them. We can show them a path to healing, but ultimately it is their decision on what to do.

Tisah: Thank you so much for doing this with me! It is really an honor. Our readers would love to get to know you a bit better. Can you share your “backstory” with us?

Marcella: My backstory is a non linear path i discovered i had healing powers in my hands when i was young but i never use them professionally as i was looking at healing myself first and i went into a journey into meditation with a tibetan master for many years then yoga, then i remember one day while attending a gong bath i experienced so much peace i thought everyone should experience this and that is when i start looking into sound as a tool for transformation and also i start offering sound healing  group sessions. I found myself creating a practice ( I feel I channeled) where I combine all the things that had resonated with me so far, like quantum healing epigenetic to mention a few and now my practice has expanded. 

Tisah: In your opinion what is Energy Healing? 

Marcella: Bringing back balance in the system at all levels whether physical, emotional and spiritual.

Tisah: What is the most popular service you provide?

Marcella: Gong Therapy

 Tisah:  What is your favorite service that you currently offer? 

Marcella: I like to work with the genetic information going deep in the ancestral line holding space for embodiment. 

Tisah: Can you tell us about some of the tools you work with in your practice?

Marcella: Intuition, breath work, meditation, sound 

Tisah: How do you help those coming to you with stress issues?

Marcella: Looking into the emotional state and subconsciousness to see what the root cause of  stress is, and transform it.
I use sound because is very effective for stress

Tisah:  How long does it take for a client to feel improvement? 

Marcella: Most clients feel improvements right after the session, others after few days as is the natural healing response of the system that gets activated.

Tisah: What types of health issues do the majority of your clients deal with?

Marcelle: Stress as it is the root cause of all our illnesses. 

Tisah: How concerned are you about the potential danger that somebody who is generally unwell might forsake treatment which is important because they are attracted by what you’re offering?

Marcella: I am not recommending treatment my energy work is good for everyone. 

Tisah: None of us are able to achieve success without some help along the way. Is there a particular person/people who you are grateful towards who helped get you to where you are?

Marcella: Many people along the way helped me and still do as I constantly work on myself.  Masters, teachers, mentors, and I am grateful to All, but my real gratitude goes to all the people that have attended my sessions as their feedback and progress in the healing journey, is what has taught me, and  inspired me and helped me to learn to go deeper and grow in my work.

 Love to All 


You can find Marcella on Instagram at 

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