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Article: An Interview with Nicole Seeger

An Interview with Nicole Seeger

An Interview with Nicole Seeger

"The path to healing is through learning to love ourselves as we are.
This is the second of this series, a series where I interview my favourite and most profound healers. Healers who I have personally worked with and who I truly believe are truly transformative.

Nicole Seeger.
To me, Nicole is the Modern Medicine Woman, a galactic warrior, a super nova energy transmuter. 
I cross paths with Nicole in 2021 via a very special friend, and she has been a truly magical soul in my life ever since. Nicole is based in Bali, and I've not yet hade the privilege of visiting her in-person, but one day it all be so.
I have done individual healing sessions, and group sessions, classes and courses with Nicole online, and I would recommend her to all. 
The world changed in 2019/2020 for all, it brought up a lot for me, a lot that needed to be seen, felt and loved. Nicole helped me along this deep journey back to my true self.
I have been working with crystals and reiki among other intuitive energy healing modalities since 2010, however, Nicole helped me to tune in so much deeper to my abilities. She also taught me how to set up a safe and secure medicine circle, and call in the necessary protection, whilst also acquiring permission from gatekeepers.
Many a time in the past, I would fall ill a few days after a healing due to not having
the necessary skills and boundaries to protect my self. 
Nicole is a wonder teacher, guide and really helped me transform myself on so many levels.
Nicole has also recently set up a wonderful little shop called Blue Luna Angel ~ and these are of course the beautiful items I stock at Sea Garden Crystals.
Right to the interview.

Tisah: Thank you so much for doing this with me Nicole. It is really an honor. Our readers would love to get to know you a bit better. Please could you share your “backstory” with us?

Nicole: Oh I am so excited to be here and share this time. It's an honor ♥️

My story begins like many of us, where I never truly felt like belonged here. Earth felt familiar, but people felt so rude and unkind. Growing up in Germany, the energy felt so cold and disconnected.

I always knew that I wanted to make a difference in that. Life initiated me in many ways through illness, accidents, near death experiences and loss.

One thing carried me through all of it: my connection to Spirit and Mother Earth.

Tisah: In your opinion what is Energy Healing? 

Nicole: Love the question! In my opinion and direct lived experience Energy Healing is a responsibility as a soul having this human experience that we all carry.

Now, transformational healing and the ability to discern and know how to help adversarial forces and energetics realign to neutrality is something I feel that has not been explored enough.

Most Eastern and Western Energy Healing Practices translocate disease, instead of transforming it. This is something I am extremely passionate about sharing with the world.

Tisah: What is the most popular service you provide?

Nicole: Soul Map Readings and Customized Multidimensional Mentorships are definitely that.
I love empowering beautiful souls into their direct knowing of who they are and why they came here at this time.

Tisah: What is your favourite service that you currently offer?

Nicole: I really enjoy everything I offer, from Cacao Ceremonies to Voice liberation, Private Retreats and Sessions, but one of my favorite things to pass on are Shamanic and Multidimensional Teachings, the things we don’t get to learn in school.

Tisah: Can you tell us about some of the tools you work with in your practice?

Nicole: My number one priority in why and how I work is safety. Safety in all ways: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and Energetic, which means the way I open, hold and close Sacred Space is the foundational tool that glues everything together and provides the backdrop where all other work unfolds from.

For this I use tools from my Wisdom Lineage of Native American Origin and Shamanic Practices like Calling in the Directions, using sacred plants like Sage and Palo Santo; Cacao and the Shamanic Medicine Drum to create the Medicine Space.

Beyond that, I continuously educate myself in new Somatic, Nervous System and Trauma Informed Practices to support our body and vehicle in the healing container.

Tisah: How do you help those coming to you with stress issues?

Nicole: I believe there is no short answer to this question. Stress is a symptom that holds so many roots.

Each individual journey with stress needs to be looked at and taken into account from a multidimensional perspective:

Where is the Body holding Stress and why?

How about the Emotional and Feeling Body?, the Spirit and Soul and so on.

Each part of us then gets its individual attention and support through Somatic, Nervous System and Reprogramming Work, Shamanic Soul Work, Classic Counselling and Integration to embody.

Tisah: How long does it take for a client to feel improvement? 

Nicole: There is a feeling of lightness and peace that usually sets in immediately, but the Transformational Healing Work usually takes a bit more time, but its sustainability shows us that clients do not need to keep returning for session after session, but hold the keys to their own healing after the initial Activation.

Tisah: What types of health issues do the majority of your clients deal with?

Nicole: I have seen in increase in anxiety, stress related issues, Auto Immune Diseases, Cancer and Heart Problems. Most of all though I see Soul Illness. Things that cannot be explained by the medical industry.

Tisah: How concerned are you about the potential danger that somebody who is generally unwell might forsake treatment which is important because they are attracted by what you’re offering?

Nicole: I am not concerned about this, as I disclose and trust that our journey often involves all experiences.

I let my clients know that they need to trust the wisdom of their body and sometimes our body calls for certain experiences like surgery or medication.

Tisah: None of us are able to achieve success without some help along the way. Is there a particular person/people who you are grateful towards who helped get you to where you are?

Nicole: Literally all of my mentors, teachers here on earth and beyond.


You can read and find out more about Nicole and what she offers here:

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