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Article: Magic Spell Candles

Magic Spell Candles

Magic Spell Candles

Working with Spell Candles

Different types of candles and how to use them:

There are various different types of candles, specific in their functions and effects, each assigned to a different type of spell.
The colors of the candles also play an important role, as each color will bring with it its own power and energy. That’s why it is essential to choose the color according to the purpose of the spell as well as your intention. The chart shows the magical properties of each color and what each color stands for and symbolizes.

What the different colours represent:

White is the color of purity, unity, and happiness as it contains all colors. It is also associated with illumination, spirituality, and truth. White candles are often used for defensive and purification rituals. Light them if you believe you will soon come into contact with unclean things or dark temptations. White also stands for spiritual strength, innocence, and power. It is also used to form connections with the departed souls, contact spirit helpers, and destroy evil and destructive energies. Whenever you are unsure which color to use, always choose white.

Black for protection as black can end bad things (such as a streak of bad luck) as well as good. Burn a black candle to absorb negative influences that are already present, as a black-colored object absorbs all light. Black projects a very strong appearance, especially to the magic world. Highly beneficial to use in spells for protection, banishing, reversing, repelling black magic, removing negative forces and energies, breaking up spiritual blockages, and creating discord among your enemies.

This color symbolizes energy, passion, vigor, health and of course love. Red-colored candles are also used for performing spells for the return of lost love. Red is the color of health and vitality. It inflames the soul and strengthens it against negative or corrupting influences. Red is also the color of passion and sexual congress. It is the color most strongly associated with the element of Fire. Light a red candle before a task that requires courage and a steadfast heart, such as a job interview or a first date.

Violet is the color of prosperity and power. Whereas blue increases one’s awareness of the spiritual world, a violet candle increases one’s magical prowess. Burn a Violet candle along with other ones for more potent spells. For instance, when casting a healing spell, burn a violet candle alongside a blue one. The violet strengthens the caster’s desire to cast a powerful healing spell.

Yellow is the color of success and knowledge. It improves one’s visualization and locomotion. It is the color most commonly associated with the element of Air. Light a yellow candle before studying, and your recognition will improve—it’s beneficial for the serious magical practitioner. Yellow shades might range from non-metallic to golden sunflower to lime yellow. It symbolizes cheerfulness, attraction, captivating and is used to perform rituals for making your dreams come true, like laying your hands on a lot of money.

Blue is the color of happiness and relaxation. It promotes healing and strengthens your mental link to the supernatural world. If you have trouble sleeping, project your desire for sleep into a lit blue candle for a few minutes before getting into bed, before putting it out. Blue candles also enhance one’s natural spiritual awareness. Favor light blue candles over the dark blue, as they are more uplifting.

Light blue stands for the qualities of Peace, tranquility, clarity in thinking, perception, and calmness.

Dark blue candles symbolize wisdom, deep and extensive mental thoughts and immense devotion to spirituality. Dark blue candles are also used for spells cast to make someone depressed and moody.

Green is the color of prosperity, growth, fortune and luck. It is also associated with healing like blue candles are. It is the color most commonly associated with the element of Earth. Light it before undertaking a task related to money, such as a job search. The green color stands for wealth, money, business, and financial success and harvest. Green candles are used to cast spells for achieving business success, especially financial success.

Orange is the color of energy, confidence and attention. Burn an orange candle to attract influences or objects. For instance, a spell that is designed to locate a lost object may require orange candles. It can be combined with other colors to strengthen the power of that color. Orange candles stand for stimulation of positive mental as well as physical energy, happiness, clarity in thinking, and encouragement.

Pink is the color of friendship and connections. Like red, it represents love—nurturing and communication that is as important to true love as one’s physical attraction and magnetism. They also bolster self-confidence—light pink candles before ceremonies that emphasize the bonds between people, such as marriage ceremonies. Pink candles symbolize love, affection, and romance and are used for casting spells aiming for long-lasting and meaningful relationships.

How to Bless your Candle

To bless a candle is to dedicate it to your purpose. There are several methods on how to bless a candle. You can choose one or more of the methods.


1. Anointing and Dressing the Candle
One should always oil candles from wick (top) to bottom to attract good or to get something good and oil the candle from bottom to top to expel something. You consecrate the candle by dipping your fingers into the oil and anointing the entire surface of the candle with it.

You can use candles with only oil in your candle magic spells, or you can dress them with herbs. This is a matter of personal preference and depends on how potent you want your spells to be. Make sure to think about your goals and wishes during the entire anointing and dressing process.

Here are some Anointing Oils by Purpose and Intent:

Balance: Magnolia
Cleansing and Purification: Cedar, Dragon’s Blood, Frankincense, Lotus, Patchouli, Sage, Sandalwood.
Control: Bayberry
Creativity: Clove, Peppermint
Divination and Psychic abilities: Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Myrrh, Yarrow.
Dreams: Jasmine
Energy: Cinnamon, Peppermint, Rosemary
Exorcism: Dragon’s Blood, Yarrow
Fertility: Rose.
Happiness: Amber, Bergamot, Gardenia
Harmony: Gardenia, Ylang-Ylang
Healing: Carnation, Cedar, Clove, Frankincense, Gardenia, Lavender, Myrrh.
Hex and Curse removal: Cedar, Dragon’s Blood, High John the Conqueror, Myrrh, Vetiver, Yarrow.


Love Spells
Attract Love: Amber, Frangipani, Gardenia, Patchouli.
Commitment: Rose, Patchouli.
Faithfulness: Magnolia.
Make Someone Fall in Love: Jasmine, Lavender, Musk, Violet.
Remove Relationship Problems: Melissa.
Return a Lover: Use Lavender Oil for your candle; use Rose Oil for your lover’s candle.
Sexual Love and Lust: Musk, Orange, Nutmeg.
True Love: Rose, Frangipani, Ylang-Ylang.
Money: Bergamot, Cinnamon, Heliotrope, Basil, Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Peppermint, Vetiver.
Prosperity: Bayberry, Musk.
Protection: Bayberry, Carnation, Dragon’s Blood, Frankincense, Myrrh, Heliotrope, High John the Conqueror, Juniper, Lilac, Lotus, Patchouli, Pine, Rosemary, Violet.
Strength: Carnation

A Special Note for Love Spells

If you can’t find the oils mentioned below, use either Rose Oil or Lavender Oil. Either one can be used for all love spells listed on our site. For all love spells (except the Break-up Spell), anoint the candle from top to bottom. Only for Break-Up Spells, you’ll need to oil the candle from bottom to top.


2. Using Herbs to Coat Oiled candles
To add extra energy and potency to your spells, you may want to coat your oiled candles with herbs. Crush the herbs into small pieces and put them onto a paper towel or piece of paper. Then roll the oiled candle in the mixture until it is coated. It’s almost impossible to coat the entire candle, so please do not worry; it’s not necessary. 

3. Carving and Engraving the Candle
Take a pin, carving tool, nail, toothpick (or athame if you have one) and carve the appropriate symbol into it. If your goal is romance, engrave a heart into the side of the candle. If your goal is money, a dollar sign will work. You may also choose runes, element signs, astrological signs, or a personal sign representing you or your lover. Engraving names into the candles is also highly effective.

While you engrave the candle, you have to think intensely about your wishes and goals and speak them out. To repeat verbal formulas in the form of incantations or affirmations is highly recommended.

4. Spray the Candle with Holy Water
To consecrate your candle and get it ready for use in a spell or candle magic, you can spray it with your own Holy Spell Water.

How to Make Holy Water or Spell Water

You will need three pinches of Sea Salt and mix it with 1 cup of water. You may also add a drop of the oil that you are using to consecrate the candle.
Fill the water in a plant mister and then spray the entire surface of the candle. While you are doing it, focus on your wishes and goals and also repeat your affirmations and incantations.
If you do not have a plant mister at hand, just sprinkle the candle with water drops. Simply dip your fingers in the water and anoint the candle.


Expert Tips for Working Candle Magic

  • Give protection top priority, and don’t let the candle magic burn down your house.
  • Try NOT to ever blow out the flame of your candle. Pay respect to the fire element.  Make sure you thank the Element of Fire and all the spirits/Angels/Ancestors/Team of light etc for helping you with your spell.
  • If you must put your candle out do not blow it if you can help it, either use a snuffer or lick your fingers, then quickly pinch the wick.
  • Find the right color for your purpose. Different colors represent different types of energies, and therefore it is important to understand the connotation of each color.
  • If you don’t have a candle in a certain color, then use a white one.
  • Try to build a psychic link with the candle to bring out more energy. Using the correct oil can help with this.
  • If a flame goes out while you are casting the spell, this is a sign, a message. Pay attention.
  • You can use any candle in your spells, but beeswax candles are the most powerful ones.
  • Using your own handmade candles will greatly increase their potency and power.
  • Clear your thoughts, focus on your wishes and meditate for a while, then start the ritual.
  • If you need to regain or strengthen your focus, a perfect way is to look into the candle’s flame.


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