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Golden Healer Quartz Tumble

Sale price600KES

This listing is for ONE Golden Healer Tumble intuitively chosen by me.

Golden Healer Quartz Associations

Chakras - Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus
Zodiac - Capricorn 
Planet - Jupiter
Element - Air
Vibration - Number 6
Typical colours - yellow to yellowish brown, Golden or Orange.

Healing with Golden Healer

 Happiness  Prosperity  Generosity  Creativity  Pleasure • Protection  Strength  Alignment  Confidence  Stability  Moderation  Energy  Comfort  Success • Truth • Goodness  Warmth  Digestion  Assimilation  Enjoyment of life • Spiritual growth

Golden Healer connects us to the Golden Ray, the golden light of Universal Life Force, Divine Spirit, Source, or Creation, and is considered one of the Master Healers. It allows the Golden Ray to flow into the body through the Crown Chakra.

This highest vibrational energy spreads its golden light throughout the body as it clears blockages and imbalances that ready the body for multi-level healing, and even reaches into our very cells to activate our crystalline, 12-strand DNA. Its energy is powerful, yet gentle, and soothing.

Golden Healer is used to raise our energy vibration or frequency, which can facilitate spiritual communications over a long distance, including between worlds and dimensions. Meditation with Golden Healer connects us with Source energy.

Healers can place a Golden Healer under a healing or massage table to fill the area with gentle, sustainable energy throughout the healing session. Golden Healer on an altar or grid will raise the frequency or vibration of the grid's intent. This is a powerful piece that enhances joy, peace, and oneness.

PLEASE NOTE: These are wonderful, Mother Nature made creations, and they are perfectly imperfect. There may be minor surface flaws or inclusions that do not detract from their beauty – or their healing power. Their undeniable beauty comes from their individual uniqueness. Remember they were formed under extreme Earth events, and are thousands to millions of years in the making.